About Us

With the passion we have cultivated since our founding,
we create the future.

Wada Electric wants to be a place where all employees can nurture and celebrate their aspirations,
shine and succeed, and take on new challenges.
With over 75 years of history under our belt, we will continue to nurture our employees
and enhance our management resources to help develop a sustainable and prosperous society.

Mission Statement

Gratitude and Sincerity

Embody gratitude, feel gratitude, and respond with gratitude while contributing to society’s development
Contribute to enhancing value by being present for customers and responding to their needs with compassion
Create a vibrant environment where employees can shine, succeed, and pursue happiness
Build a relationship of trust through sincerity and selflessness to create a new future together


Wada Electric’s logo represents our evolution and steady advancement toward the future.
The squares in the upper-right corner show how the value we create will further the development of society.


We will always be flexible in our thinking and sensitive to the times.
We will continue to create new value and contribute to our customers and society.
Together, we will create a new future.
This is the hope represented in our slogan, “Your Channel into the Future.”

Contact Us

Industrial Machinery Sales Department Group1Industrial Machinery Sales Department Group1 Inquiry Form
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Industrial Machinery Sales Department Group2Industrial Machinery Sales Department Group2 Inquiry Form
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Infrastructure System Sales Department 1Infrastructure System Sales Department 1 Inquiry Form
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Infrastructure System Sales Department 2Infrastructure System Sales Department 2 Inquiry Form
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New Business Development DepartmentNew Business Development Department Inquiry Form
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Business Administration Department
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Kanagawa Branch OfficeKanagawa Branch Office Inquiry Form
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IT Solutions Sales DepartmentIT Solutions Sales Department Inquiry Form
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