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IT Solutions Sales Department

We create new value together with our customers by proposing solutions with advanced digital technologies such as IoT and artificial intelligence (AI).

We propose a wide range of industrial IoT solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industries with a focus on AI/IoT, big data, cloud, information security, embedded systems, voice technology, image processing technology, and smart energy.

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  • IoT solutions in manufacturing
  • Digitalization solutions for manufacturing sites
  • speech recognition solution
  • Speech synthesis solutions
  • Voice dialogue solution
  • Knowledge solutions
  • AI application solutions
  • Embedded solutions
  • Image inspection solutions
  • Strategic procurement solutions
  • IoT security solutions
  • VR and MR solutions
  • Powered exoskeleton suits
  • Various level meters
  • RFID total solutions
Invariant Analysis Sales Partners
NEC Corporation
Automatic inspection/repair technology development consortium
Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway Company Limited


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