Our Business

Infrastructure System Sales Department 2

We contribute to society by proposing solutions for optimizing production sites and making offices comfortable.

We meet the needs of our customers through a wide range of products including substations, plant instrumentation control systems, drive electrical components, and more. We provide optimal infrastructure and information communication solutions for production sites and offices, including proposals for saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and upgrading aging facilities.

image:Infrastructure System Sales Department 2


photo:Automated warehouses


  • Ultra-high-voltage and high-voltage substations
  • High-voltage/low-voltage control centers and various transformers
  • High-voltage/low-voltage electric motors for various plants
  • Instrumentation control systems, industrial cameras, and various other plant systems
  • Compressors (screw type and turbo type)
  • Centrifugal machines, filtration machines, automated warehouses, moving racks, automated guided vehicles, conveyors, and heating furnaces
  • Industrial pumps and process pumps
  • Solar power generator (for personal consumption under the Feed-in Tariff scheme) and solar LED lights
  • Air conditioning systems
    (for businesses and facilities/equipment, packaged air conditioners, multi-system air conditioners, and hot water boilers)
  • Recovery boiler cleaning systems
  • Industrial computers (FA computers) and laptop computers


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